Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sending Out the Sonnets: Sonnet #3

Of all my lumpy little sonnets, this one is my favorite. I like the images, I like the theme. I wrote this one evening when I was replaying moments from my children's childhoods, and wishing either I could take some of them back or else revisit and savor them all over again. (On Easter, I will be posting a poem on the very theme of wanting to redo a moment from the past.)



You don't get a do-over. No god runs
the film backwards, letting you say "Stop it
there." No replays allowed, no edits done,
no rewriting the lines to better fit.
The film only rolls forward, one large reel
spooling endlessly until it runs out.
Only one take in which to catch the feel
of baby's cheek, the sound of children's shouts.
One shot only per scene! Small wonder you
walk around the remainder of your days
wondering, hoping for a sign or two
that you get one more role in which to play.

The true treasures of each minute hold tight
to give comfort against the coming night.


underthebigbluesky said...


true words. true words.

Terri said...

the line breaks in this one are really accomplished.