Saturday, April 9, 2011

Four Days of Haiku: Childhood Memories

One of the most popular assignments for our Haiku-ca-choo! group was "favorite childhood memories." It was this assignment that caused me to toss off piece after piece without pausing.

When I realized what I had just done, I had the same shaky exhilaration that any kid who has ever mastered riding a bike feels that first successful solo trip. There I was, halfway down the alley thinking someone was still running alongside me keeping me upright, before I realized I was doing it all by myself. I was so pleased that over the next few days I went on writing ("Look, Ma, no hands!") and ended up with 28 childhood notes.

Below are eight haiku from that fateful assignment.


The blue print dress

Childhood Memory #1: School Days
Warm spring sunshine day-
Teaching how to be a horse
to Jill. "Neigh like this."

Childhood Memory #2: Street Play
Throw the rock like that,
flicking it to 5 and then
hopscotching past it.

Childhood Memory #5: Barbie 
(or "Thanks a lot, Tonya, for Reminding Me!")
Days playing Barbie
with Kim. Just what was Barbie
up to exactly?

Childhood Memory #9: Perspective
The Flax Street hill was
huge, gigantic-too much to
climb. When did it shrink?

Childhood Memory #14: Play
The Alamo set
in the sandbox. We had the
Americans win.

Childhood Memory #16: Summertime Two
Hide-and-seek in the
dark, fireflies showing us the
way to a good spot.

Childhood Memory #20: Car Trips
Riding backwards in
the Plymouth wagon, one of
us always threw up.

Childhood Memory #23: School Clothes
Mom made my dresses
first, second grade. What became
of the blue print one?

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debbi said...

Wonderful memories. :)