Friday, April 8, 2011

Four Days of Haiku: Assignments

In our Haiku-ca-choo! group, someone, often Kate, suggests a theme for the week. In early February, the theme was "favorite foods." I was in the early stages of a spiritual journey and deeply interested in the connection between food, belief, and community. While everyone else answered the assignment in the spirit it was meant ("chocolate!"), I penned the haiku below with a small comment appended.


Breaking bread with friends.
Communion, community
at the table now.

Haiku comment: it's not about the food.

With Katrina this past February before breaking bread together.
With Katrina, it is never just about the food. 


see you there! said...

Lovely. Illustrates "breaking bread" so simply but completely.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the second line captures the spirit of communion in the truest sense.