Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Inch Ninety-Three: Thankful

He had just backed his car out of the parking slot and put it into drive, when the engine died.

I was walking past headed to the medical building and looked over at the sound. I know the heartbreaking sound of a dying engine. Our glances met briefly, then he stared at his dashboard and cranked the engine.

It caught, reluctantly at first, then more solidly, and he eased it out of the parking lot and into his his day, whatever that day held for him. Was he thankful that the engine turned over one more time? Maybe. Probably.


My job as a mediator brings me into contact with people across the broad socio-economic spectrum, from those who have a lot to those who have almost nothing. The truancy season has started in earnest so now I am in the schools regularly mediating attendance issues with parents and students.

I recently mediated with a young single mother hanging on by her fingertips. She was one of those women who have to count and recount every last penny in the purse before making a purchase. Yet her face glowed when she talked about her children and their education, and about doing better for them. Despite the hard times she struggled with, this mother was thankful for her boys and the richness they added to her life.


It is that time of the year when the days grow shorter and the nights deeper. In another week and a half, I'll be lighting Hanukkah candles to push back the dark. My thoughts invariably turn to the year that is rapidly winding down. 2015 has been a hard year, dominated by my older brother's illness and death. Dale has been dead for just over a month now and we are still groping our way through the loss. My own medical journey has grown more difficult and demanding and is an overlay to all of my days. (I am writing this out longhand as I sit through yet another chemo session.)
In San Antonio with Katrina

Am I thankful?

Yes. Unequivocally. I've been to Portland to see my family twice this year. I went to San Antonio
earlier this month and got to spend a day with my dear friend Katrina. I am surrounded by love and support in my own community. I share each and every day with my beloved Warren. When I finish this chemo session, I will head home and repot some plants and think about the pies I will baking later tonight for tomorrow.

How could I not be thankful?

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. May you all find moments of thankfulness.


Laurie said...

Loving the thoughts of repotting plants and making pies, both delightful endeavors. Wishing you a Thanksgiving filled with all you love.

Darla said...

Doing what makes you happy is the best isn't it? I know the pie will be delicious. We had a quiet day yesterday, I'm thankful for that and so many riches in my life.