Monday, April 1, 2013

A New Blogger Out There

I have blogged before about Bill Croy, a now retired minister who always made a deep impression on me with his thoughtful, provocative sermons. Despite a diagnosis of ALS in 2010, Bill continues to participate as fully as possible in the world, in his faith, and in life itself.

I saw Bill yesterday at Maple Grove Methodist Church, where I spend every Easter while Warren plays the double services there. I waved at his wife, Dorothy, and then waved at Bill. I am fighting a cold right now, so I did not cross over the aisles to make the greeting more personal. My guess (correctly it turned out) is that like those of us in Cancerland, Bill has a compromised immune system. He did not need me sharing my wealth of germs.

This morning on Facebook, Bill posted a note with a link to his new blog. Called Giving Wings to Thought, you can find it here. His first post is about community, a topic I hold near and dear to my heart.

Welcome, Bill, to our community of bloggers. And welcome Bill to our community of bloggers.


see you there! said...

I checked Bill Croy's blog and left a comment. I remember being a new blogger and how happy I was when someone commented. I still get excited when I see someone has left me a message.


April said...

NOTE: The links in this post were changed on April 4, because Bill changed the links to his blog site.

Bill said...

Thanks, April and Darla. I chuckled at your comment Darla about getting excited when people comment. Yep! I get more comments on Facebook and by email than on the blogging site and that's OK. Actually, this is my thirdost in the blog and that's what my friend helped me clean up since I was basically creating a new blog every time I tried to post. I'm learning. Be patient with me!

Ellen said...

nice! I'll be reading.