Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Recipe

"I can't find the popcorn ball recipe."

Warren looked at me as we ate breakfast this morning. "I'm sure it's here."

You would think so. But no, I have searched through the recipe folder and checked a few other spots where I thought it might be, and come up empty-handed.

The recipe, which was the one my beloved Grandma Skatzes used every Christmas for years and years, was printed on a 4x6 index card. I have carried that card around with me for some 25 years.  Across the top, I had printed "Skatzes Popcorn Balls."

And it is not here. It is not in the folder where I tuck recipes, it is not stuck in a cookbook, it is not on a counter in the kitchen.

It is gone.

After Warren left for the holiday concert rehearsal, I came back home and googled "popcorn ball recipes." No, I don't want one with marshmallows in it. No, I don't use molasses. This was a water, sugar, and corn syrup concoction. After several minutes, I zeroed in on a few recipes that sound darn close. Until and unless the recipe card shows up, these will do.

The new recipes will do because when it comes right down to it, the magic of my grandmother's popcorn balls was not  in the eating, although they were pretty darn good. The magic was in the smiles on the faces of family members when it was popcorn ball time and they stopped in at Grandma's to pick up their sack of goodness. The magic was in the love Grandma put into every batch she made. The magic was in being allowed to spend the day by her side, burning our fingers from time to time, listening to her stories.

The magic is in the memories.


Sharon said...

I should have asked for the recipe last year and then you would have it. Darn. There's always that wonderful peanut brittle, right?

I love the stories, April, and I'm glad you posted. I was starting to get concerned! Hope you are enjoying your December...

see you there! said...

Goodness, can't remember when was the last time I had a popcorn ball. Your post does bring back memories. I hope you eventually find your old recipe and that meanwhile the new one "will do".


Jenny Woolf said...

Hope it turned up! And do have a wonderful Christmas, April - you and all your loved ones.

Anonymous said...

After reading your previous post on all the memories attached to making the popcorn balls, I can only imagine the frantic search for the lost recipe card. No doubt, it will appear once the balls are made!

We gave bulk popcorn as gifts to all of our children several years ago...after we discovered that we could purchase 50 lb. bags of it at our local feed store.

Anonymous said...

I remember those popcorn balls! They were so good and very special:) I felt lucky to get one!