Thursday, February 3, 2011

Coming Soon to This Space!

Coming soon to this space - a post from me!

The grant was filed at 9:40 this morning, we will be back in our home tonight for the first time since last Friday (first we were out of town and then we came back to no heat, power, or phone), and I will return very, very soon. Maybe even tomorrow!

I have missed this. I have missed you. Can't wait!


Sharon said...

I've missed you too! I'm sorry to hear that Ohio is getting pounded with snow! Hopefully you have your power back! So glad the grant is done!

Terri said...

Your plate has been full! How soon will you know about the grant?
How many inches fell in your area? We had nine inches only and luckily didn't suffer any loss of power. Being home again will feel so good.